WASH loves to keep it open, and has hosted everything from boxing to bike repair workshops; from mask making to mural painting parties; from puppet theater to Burmese language art classes. We’ve organized soccer tournaments (and had our own team of course:) and street parades; we’ve called our politicians, painted banners, joined rallies and marches in the streets, from Buffalo to Albany to DC; we’ve hosted cooking teach-ins and theatrical dinner parties; rollerskating jams, open mics, storytimes, gardening clubs, vigils, film screenings, ambient noise shows…you name it, there’s a good chance we’ve tried it, or are willing to!

We love to partner with forward thinking creatives and organizations, and welcome any and all to send ideas, proposals, etc. We’re interested in hosting a wide spectrum of place-based events, including longer term creative engagements with the space, artist residencies, and gallery exhibits. We often collaborate and provide support at off-site events, but mainly we work in and outside our humble brick and mortar location on the corner of Massachusetts Ave and 18th St., and encourage folks to share proposals that use the space as openly and creatively as possible.

For event listings, please follow WASH on IG @the.wash.project and FB @TheWASHProject

Please send all inquiries and proposals to thewashproject@gmail.com

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